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Perseverance in pursuing the goal defines our fate, creates opportunities, and leads to success. Looking back, in everyone’s life, there are a lot of moments that seem to be movie stills that we would like to see in a movie theater. Company founder Christopher Piwek mentioned such a moment that was held on Sunday when together with his brother, they were searching for a job. It was a last household and one last refusal in the German village, and the moment when they were heading toward the wicket when suddenly they heard a shout to wait a while. Such a moment falls into memory and lets us direct the further flow of events. Work in the Vineyard of the household host’s daughter was only an opportunity to gather funds, thanks to the perseverance of searching. Although it may seem like this particular issue does not have much in common with running a company, however, character, approach, and persistence, which are strengthened by life experience, have a significant impact on how the company was and is being run these days.


People are not defined by success but by the path to being successful


After returning to Poland, the production of pipes assigned for strollers started in the home garage. It is the garage where the metal sheet broaching machine was built, and the very first spark felt to the ground during welding. Spark that created a bonfire of development. The proposal of drilling  the trolleys for linear systems and guides and Computerized Numerical Controlled Machines resulted in the purchase of drillers and threaders. Every other drilled hole was letting more wind of change and development in the sails. Despite many peals of thunders, the boat was still going on. As the founder himself says:


"I am the kind of person that cannot sleep soundly"


what brings a lot of positive issues, such as having his finger on the pulse – always! The purchase of milling machines and renting a hall was another milestone in the development, although the true breakthrough was planting production in Rososzyca, where the company’s wings were spread. An organization implemented many management systems and innovative solutions and obtained many certificates of our times. The other side of the coin is still the family approach, like in the good old days. This kind of contrast lets us manage the company rationally, avoid exaggerated form over substance, perform according to a specific framework, simultaneously staying flexible. Tradition and modernity create the balance in the PIWEK Centrum Obróbki Numerycznej Company – A company you can trust.

Piwek Centrum Obrobki Numerycznej Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. is a family company operating on the Polish and foreign market for over 24 years. We provide services in the production of machinery and equipment parts. The combination of modern machinery and optimally selected technologies guarantees the highest quality of products and services in both serial and unit production. The company's many years of experience and the use of modern technologies make CNC machining of metals and other materials an excellent choice even for the most demanding customers. The purpose of the activity is to provide specialist machining services for metal products of such quality that they deserve the recognition of recipients not only in Poland but internationally. We work, among others, with companies from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Finland and the USA. We have a quality management system certificate in accordance with EN ISO 9001: 2015. We focus on the quality of our services at the highest level, and above all, we focus on the safety and development of our employees who are our largest investment.





Starting a business in a home garage - production of baby strollers' frames


Change of a company profile - machining


Rental of production halls and purchase of 13 conventional milling machines


Purchase of the first Mazak VTC 20B numerical machine


Purchase of a real estate in a new location


Quality management system EN ISO 9001: 2000


Cooperation with the first European customer and purchase of the first CMM measuring machine


Extension of the production hall


Opening up to global markets


Sponsor of the PWR Racing Team from the Wrocław University of Technology


Commencement of the implementation of Continuous Improvement


20th anniversary of the company and implementation of the MONITOR ERP system


Transformation into a limited partnership


Change of the EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system standard


Extension of the production hall with a technology department and measuring laboratory, purchase of the MAZAK VARIAXIS J-500 / 5X machine with a robotized REXIO socket


Obtaining management system standards PN-EN-ISO 14001:2015, PN-EN 15085-2:2021 CL1-CL3


Expansion of infrastructure - warehouse and office building, obtaining certificates in the field of welding: PN-EN ISO 3834-2: 2021, PN-EN 15085






Goals ro achieve






Piwek Centrum Obrobki Numerycznej Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. is a family company that has been on the market for over 24 years. In the first years of its activity, it specialized in the production of frames for baby strollers, achieving significant successes in this field. The landmark year was 1997, when the main business profile was changed to machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The wide range of our business is demonstrated by the diversity of our clients' industry.





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